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The Gift Shop, set in the Saltwood Castle Grounds, sells a small selection of cards, and prints, inspired by different aspects of life at Saltwood Castle and reflecting the unique heritage of this listed building ancient Grade1 listed monument.

A 22 page booklet of stunning images and fascinating text about Saltwood Castle. With exterior and interior views of the castle, a brief history of Saltwood and plan of Saltwood Castle.
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Saltwood Castle Postcard
An aerial view of this romantic medieval Castle, the original photograph having been taken by James Clark.
Thomas Sydney Cooper's "Saltwood Castle" 1883
Thomas Sidney Cooper was born at Canterbury, Kent, and as a small child he began to show strong artistic inclinations, but the circumstances of his family did not allow him to received any systematic training. By the time he was twelve years old, he was working in the shop of a coach painter. Later he obtained a job as a scene painter; and he alternated between these two occupations for about eight years.
He was a great philanthropist in Canterbury, and used some of his wealth to build a number of Alms Houses for the poor in Chantry Lane in the centre of the city. Most notably in 1882 he developed his private art lessons into a full-fledged art school in Canterbury, located at his home and studio in St Peter's Street. Originally called the Canterbury Sidney Cooper School of Art, Cooper's art school is still in existence although it is now called the University of Creative Arts. Amongst Cooper's more well-known students was Mary Tourtel, creator and illustrator of the Rupert Bear books for children.
This exceptional example of his work. is owned by Mrs Clark personally. Reproduced here as an occasion card. Also available as a poster and as a limited edition Giclee print.
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Saltwood Castle Occasion Card
Jane Clark's own atmospheric photograph of Saltwood Castle, faithfully reproduced as an occasion card.
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Jane Clark
Jane is an accomplished artist in her own right.
Below are some examples of her work that are available in the Saltwood Castle gift shop as Giclee prints and occasion cards.
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Also available from the Saltwood Castle gift shop are prints of works of Art, the Castle, Gardens, Local wildlife and Alan Clark's Car Collection as Giclee prints and occasion cards.
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