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Saltwood Castle Gardens

Romantic gardens within the Inner and Outer Bailey. Also within the garden grounds is the vintage car collection belonging to the late Alan Clark and the new kitchen garden and fernery.
Twice a year there is an Open Garden and Plant Fair and Crafts in the historic grounds Saltwood Castle, Saltwood, with the kind permission of Mrs. Jane Clark.
Alan Clark's Classic Car Collection
Within the grounds is The Alan Clark collection of Classic cars.
Alan Clark's cars - that he bought, drove and wrote about over 50 years.
Alan Clark was passionate about cars from an early age. He bought his first car - a secondhand 6.5 litre Bentley - while still a schoolboy at Eton. He dealt in 'classic' and vintage cars and soon built up an impressive stable of his own.
One of his first published pieces of journalism appeared in the US magazine, Road and Track, for which he was briefly UK correspondent. BACK FIRE, the title of a column he wrote in Thoroughbred and Classic Cars magazine, ran for three years until his death in September 1999.
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Saltwood Castle has a long and turbulent history, but during quieter times The Queen Mother visited to plant a tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) which now looks mature beyond its years.
Queen Mother's Tulip Tree
Liriodendron tulipifera - known as the tulip tree, American tulip tree, tuliptree, tulip poplar, whitewood, fiddle-tree, and yellow poplar — is the Western Hemisphere representative of the two-species genus Liriodendron, and the tallest eastern hardwood.
It is fast-growing, without the common problems of weak wood strength and short lifespan often seen in fast-growing species. The flowers are pale green or yellow (rarely white), with an orange band on the tepals; they yield large quantities of nectar. The tulip tree is the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Twice a year there is an Open Garden and Plant Fair and Crafts in the historic grounds Saltwood Castle, Saltwood, with the kind permission of Mrs. Jane Clark.
Saltwood Castle is a magnificent medieval Grade I castle, near Hythe in Kent. The grounds of Saltwood Castle are not normally open to the public so this is a rare chance to see this romantic, medieval castle. There is a moat, battlements, a secret garden, peacocks, and this year you can view the Rt. Hon Alan Clark’s classic cars.

Thank you to everyone who attended the open day on Sunday 17th September 2017

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Our next open day will be
Saturday 5th May 2018 when our supported charity will be Medical Detection Dogs

Please download a printable Poster for Friday 5th May 2018 here

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"Dear Jane
A big thank you from Macmillan
Thank you so much for raising a fantastic £1,800.00 for Macmillan from your plant sale on Sunday 17th September. We hope that you enjoyed it, and that you'll pass our thanks on to everyone who helped make it a success. Your effort and enthusiasm will help us to be there for people effected by cancer and their families, and help them feel more in control of their lives.

Thank you again for being part of the Macmillan team.

Bethan Jones"

Supporter Donations Team
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