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Alan Clark diaries
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Alan Clark, MP for Plymouth (Sutton) 1974-1992 and Kensington and Chelsea. Alan Kenneth Mackenzie Clark, PC (13 April 1928 – 5 September 1999) was a British Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), historian and diarist. He served as a minister in Margaret Thatcher's governments at the Departments of Employment, Trade and Defence, and became a privy counsellor in 1991. He published three novels, but made his reputation as a military historian with The Donkeys: A History of the BEF in 1915, followed by The Fall of Crete, Barbarossa: the Russian-German Conflict, 1941-1945 and Aces High: The War in the Air Over the Western Front, 1914-1918. He also edited the private diaries of Viscount Lee of Fareham, A Good Innings.
After quitting the House of Commons in 1992 he published his Diaries the following year. His political history, The Tories: The Conservatives and the Nation State, appeared in 1998. A second volume of his Diaries, covering his entry into politics until the Falklands War, was published in 2000, and a collection of his motoring journalism in 2001 under the title Back Fire: A Passion for Cars and Motoring.
* Barbarossa
* Back Fire
* The Donkeys
* The Fall of Crete
* Aces High: The war in the air over the Western Front, 1914-1918
* The Lion Heart: A tale of the war in Vietnam
* Summer Season: A Novel
* The Tories: Conservatives and the Nation State, 1922-1997
* A Good Innings
* Diaries: Into Politics 1972-1982
* Diaries: (subsequently sub-titled 'In Power')
* Suicide of the Empires: (subsequently titled 'Great Battles') The Eastern Front, 1914-1918
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